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The history of the Law Society RFC 7s (the Law Society 7's) dates back as far as 1975, with Clifford Turner (now Clifford Chance) winning the tournament trophy for the first three years.


Kit Stenning, who played for the Law Society RFC (the 'Club') throughout the 1970's and 80's came up with the idea of the tournament, which was 'largely set up as a recruitment tool for the club, which was struggling at the time to get three teams of fifteen lawyers on the pitch every week'. Law firms welcomed the proposition, with twelve signing up originally, noting the opportunity for both intra-company and intra-profession bonding outside of the office. To avoid clashes with other rugby playing commitments a Sunday tournament was chosen. In the days of amateur rugby, with high quality players required to 'work for a living' as well as pull on the boots, Kit recalls Clifford Turner being in the enviable position of fielding both a Scotland International and Saracens player in those early tournaments!

The tournament has grown over the years from the initial twelve teams, playing on a questionable pitch, with one tent filled with warm beer, to the glorious setting of Richmond Athletic Association. This switch to a main arena with multiple pitches in the 90s provided a huge boost and set the scene for a plate as well as main competition. Not only has the quality of setting changed, but so too has the reach and appeal of the day to a wider social and family occasion. The heart of the tournament has remained intact and the Club ensures the tournament is a day of good fun competitive rugby for trained lawyers in the UK. In 2021 twenty four rugby teams, twenty four netball teams and twelve mixed tag teams competed in the tournament, with the majority of these taking hospitality tents for their teams and staff to enjoy on the day.


The Club is proud to sponsor with LawCare, who raised £1,200 in 2021, as well as having access to promote their free services to over 500 lawyers on the day. More information about LawCare can be found in our partners section.

Following the successful inclusion of netball in 2017, which has grown from strength to strength over the years, the Tournament introduced Mixed Tag in 2021. This continued the aim of making the Tournament inclusive for all, offering a social sport which can be played by both men and women.

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